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Sound Effects Monkey is a leading provider of innovative sound effects. Our focus is to provide high quality sounds, available for instant download, at affordable price points. Since 2010, we have been at the forefront of a new wave of boutique sound effects companies offering quality HD sound libraries.

Our sounds have appeared in numerous major motion pictures, AAA video games, and hit television shows. Originally known as Chuck Russom FX, we changed our name to Sound Effects Monkey in 2016.



crussom_header (1 of 1)Chuck Russom

Founder and Director of Noise



Chuck grew up in the dawn of video games and Hollywood blockbusters. At a young age he split his time between listening to his Walkman, playing his Atari 2600, and watching his bootleg Star Wars VHS tapes. The sounds of R2-D2, Tie Fighters, and Pac-Man were always in his head. In elementary school, he began to play his first musical instrument; drums. In high school, he discovered guitar. Later, the music of Nine Inch Nails led him to explore the use of computers for music and sound manipulation. This experimentation with music and computers would lead him into the world of sound effects design.

His professional career began in 1999 when was hired as an in-house Sound Desginer at New World Computing. While working at NWC, he designed sounds for several Might and Magic games.

After NWC, he continued to work as an in-house Sound Designer and Audio Lead at several top game developers including; Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sony Santa Monica, and EA Los Angeles.  In 2008, he left the boring life of stable in-house jobs and broke out as a freelance Sound Designer/Recordist. He has designed sounds for the biggest franchises in games, including; Call of Duty, God of War, James Bond, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Transformers, and countless others.