The following terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement (“Agreement”) between You (“Licensee”), and Chuck Russom Studios LLC (“Licensor”). By purchasing Libraries (“Sounds”) from Licensor, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms outlined in this Agreement.

These license terms apply to any Sounds (Libraries) purchased or downloaded from Licensor

1. Grant of License

In consideration for the purchase of Libraries (“Sounds”) from Licensor, and subject to Licensor receiving the license fees for the Libraries, Licensor grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use the Sounds anywhere in the world, in perpetuity on the terms set forth in this Agreement.

2. Rights Granted

The license granted in this Agreement allows Licensee to:

  1. Synchronize the Sounds with moving images in Productions (“Projects”) including: film, television, commercials, trailers, streaming video (such as Youtube and Netflix), games (including computer, arcade, mobile, browser-based, and console games). Non-synchronized use of the Sounds in a game is allowed (for example; implementation of sounds in a game engine).
  2. Duplicate, modify, reproduce or re-record the Sounds for the purpose of Projects created or developed by Licensee as well as Projects in which Licensee has been contracted to provide services for.
  3. Publicly perform the Sounds in respect to those Projects.

3. Restrictions

The license granted in this Agreement is specific to Licensee and limited to Licensee’s Projects and as such does not permit Licensee to:

  1. Licensee may not license, sublicense, or sell any Library in its entirety, or in part, or adopt, modify or repackage any Library other than as part of Licensee’s Projects. Licensee may not act as a distributor or reseller of the Libraries.
  2. Licensee may not include the Sounds, neither in original form nor altered (processed, mixed, etc), in any library (sound effects library, sample based instrument, etc). Licensee may not use the Sounds in the creation of any library, that is to say that the Sounds may not be used as source to create new Sounds for the purpose of inclusion in a library.
  3. A License is required for each user that has access to the Libraries. The Libraries may not be copied to networks or workstations accessible by more than one user unless multiple user licenses have been purchased. Licensee agrees to only copy the Libraries to the number of workstations for which Licensee has purchased a license for. In the event that use on additional workstations is required, Licensee agrees to contact Licensor for updated licensing terms and agrees to pay any additional licensing fees.

5. Warranty and Indemnity

Licensor warrants, represents and acknowledges that: (i) it owns and/or has secured all necessary rights related to the Libraries, including, without limitation, the Sounds, and (ii) Licensee’s use of the Libraries as contemplated by this Agreement shall not violate any patent, copyright, trademark or any other rights of any person or entity whether statutory, contractual, common law or otherwise. Licensor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless licensee, against any third-party claim, demand, action, suit, loss, liability, damage or expense resulting from a breach or alleged breach of the foregoing representations and warranties. Licensor’s obligations under this indemnification shall not exceed the amount paid by Licensee pursuant to this Agreement.

6. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of California, U.S.A

7. Assignment

Licensee may not assign the Sounds to any other party except for as necessary for use of the Sounds in a Production

8. Copyright

Copyright of the Sounds are owned by Licensor. Licensee may only use the Sounds as outlined by this Agreement and has no right to claim ownership or authorship of the Sounds.

9. Termination

In the event of any breach by Licensee of the terms in this Agreement, Licensor reserves the right to terminate any and all license(s) covered under this Agreement. Upon termination of of license, Licensee must immediately cease use of Licensor’s Libraries, refrain from future use of said Libraries, and destroy any and all copies of the Libraries in Licensee’s possession. Licensee will not be required to destroy, recall, or halt the sale of Projects that were created prior to the termination of this Agreement.