An epic collection of multi-channel gun recordings. Featuring sounds from 27 different weapons captured by experienced gun recordists. Multiple microphones recorded close, medium, and distant perspectives. Recorded in HD 24-bit 96k resolution using high-end professional recorders, microphones, and preamps.

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This is not another tired collection of stereo mixes or over-designed guns. We are proud to offer a massive set of multi-channel gun recordings, produced by experienced weapon recordists. Each weapon in the library includes sounds from multiple microphone perspectives. We traveled to the Arizona desert and recorded real guns, firing live rounds, in an great sounding outdoor environment.

We have kept these sounds as raw and unprocessed as possible. While we carefully edited and cleaned every sound, you may still encounter occasional noise (shell ejections, rumble, wind buffets, and other outdoor sounds). It is our belief that if removing noise takes away from the character of the sound, we’d rather leave it alone, and let the end user decide how to best fit the sound in their mix. Despite any small imperfections, these are the cleanest, most powerful, and most useful gun recordings you will find anywhere.

Featuring 27 different weapons including Handguns, Rifles, Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Belt-Fed Machine Guns, and suppressed weapons.  Every weapon offers multiple takes and perspectives. Semi-Auto and Bolt Action guns include multiple single shots (8-12).  Full-Auto guns include multiple single shots, bursts, and long bursts (generally around 16-20+ rounds). You’ll find at least 8 microphone positions for each weapon; covering close, medium, and distant perspectives. View the weapon list to see everything that is included in this library.

  • Library Size: 770 Files, Countless Sounds | 10 GB
  • Format: WAV
  • Bit Depth: 24-bit
  • Sample Rate: 96K
  • Metadata: Embedded iXML/BWF metadata. Compatible with Basehead and Soundminer
  • Delivery Method: Instant Download

This is a video comparing the different microphone positions used on the HK53 Assault Rifle


Included Weapons


Weapon Name Weapon Type Cailber
S&W 686 Handgun (Revolver) .357 Magnum
Kimber 1911 Handgun (Semi-Auto) .45 ACP
Glock 18 Handgun (full-Auto) 9mm
Walther P1 Handgun (Semi-Auto) 9mm
Walther P99 Handgun (Semi-Auto) .40 S&W
HK MP5 Submachine Gun 9mm
FN P90 Submachine Gun 5.7x28mm
Uzi Submachine Gun 9mm
Mini Uzi Submachine Gun 9mm
Saiga IZ-139 Rifle (Semi-Auto) 7.62x51mm
SKS Rifle (Semi-Auto) 7.62x39mm
Mosin Nagant M44 Rifle (Bolt-Action) 7.62x54r
Savage Model 16 Rifle (Bolt-Action) .308
M4 Carbine Rifle (Full-Auto) 5.56x45mm
HK53 Rifle (Full-Auto) 5.56x45mm
AK-47 Rifle (Full-Auto) 7.62x39mm
FN SCAR 17 Rifle (Full-Auto) 7.62x51mm
FN-FAL Rifle (Full-Auto) 7.62x51mm
AR-10 Rifle (Full-Auto) 7.62x51mm
FN M249 Machine Gun 5.56x45mm
FN M240 Machine Gun 7.62x51mm
RPD Machine Gun 7.62x39mm
PKM Machine Gun 7.62x51mm
Browning M2 Machine Gun .50 BMG
HK MP5 Suppressed Submachine Gun 9mm
Mini Uzi Suppressed Submachine Gun 9mm
M4 Carbine Suppressed Rifle (Full-Auto) 5.56x45mm

View or download the complete sound list