Purchase Recovery Policy



Please treat any downloadable purchase(s) made on this website with the same care that you would with any important software or data. It is highly recommended that you make immediate and redundant backups of your purchase to prevent future loss. It is also recommended that you backup or archive any documents that pertain to your purchase; including any emails, invoices, receipts, or purchase confirmations received.

Provided this website is still active and functional, we guarantee that for a period of one (1) year, we will help you recover any purchase(s) made on this website and provide you with updated links so that you may re-download a lost purchase.

This guarantee assumes that you can provide us with information to serve as proof of purchase. Please provide as much of the following information as possible. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to find proof of your purchase:

  1. First, Last, and Company Name (if applicable) used when you made your original purchase (required)
  2. Email Address used at time of purchase (required)
  3. Product(s) purchased (required)
  4. Username used on this website (if available)
  5. Payment type used to make purchase (Paypal or Credit Card) (if possible)
  6. If available, please forward any email correspondence received regarding your purchase (order confirmation, etc)

Failure to provide the above requested information may result in the inability for us to help you recover your purchase.

After one (1) year, we will make a reasonable effort to assist you in recovering your past purchase(s). However, we make no guarantees that we can successfully recover purchases after one (1) year. The more information you can provide regarding your purchase, the better we can help.

We do not guarantee the recovery of free, limited run, or discontinued products. We will make a reasonable effort to help you recover a discontinued product, if possible.